Overseas Direct Solutions

Purchasing overseas can be a challenging experience. Alstar has over 25 years of global experience and we are here to help make purchasing overseas easy!

We have a team based in Los Angeles and overseas so we work around the clock so you can rest assured that when we agree to deliver on a date, we will meet it. We offer unbeatable prices paired with the best service to bring your ideas to life!

If you are looking for large quantity orders and have the timeline of 60-75 days we have two great overseas programs for you.


 Plan Ahead and Save:

This is a simple solution where we use our existing products or even modify an existing product and manufacture it overseas on order. You will receive the lowest prices possible so you can really save big!



 Custom Order:

Is your client looking for a very specific bag or product? We will work with you on the design. Once the design, materials and colors are picked, we will create prototypes for your approval. Finally present the completed product to your client to really amaze them as they can see their ideas come to life!




Contact us here for overseas inquiries!